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The portfolio is updated approximately once per quarter - please check back again soon for more. Please note that the portfolio does not include links to the many sites to which knowHowe Ltd supplies contract programming, maintenance, etc.

The Garden Company - garden design Hertfordshire

The Garden Company - garden design Hertfordshire.

Design and Wordpress build

Howard Ripley Wines

Brochure and catalogue website for Howard Ripley Wines.

Howard Ripley are Britain's leading Burgundy and German wine specialist. The site showcases their current and back catalogue, and enables customers to place orders.

Features: content-management • fully searchable online catalogue updateable by owners • mailing list signup • customer orders

KempITLaw - Richard Kemp, IT Lawyer

KempITLaw - Richard Kemp, IT Lawyer.

Wordpress build - design by Martyn Allen

The Works Staffing Solutions

The Works Staffing Solutions.

Brochure site with Jobs and News; bespoke CMS.

Kneeshaw Consulting

Kneeshaw Consulting.

Wordpress build - design by Martyn Allen



Wordpress build - design by Martyn Allen



Customisation of CS-Cart ecommerce package.

Hannah Greenwood/Cascăd

Hannah Greenwood/Cascăd.

Content-managed site and hosting. Design mockups (Powerpoint) were provided by the client, who also performed content addition/editing via the CMS.

dietitians' mental health group

Dietitians' Mental Health Group.

Details coming soon...

Mill Retreat Centre

Mill Retreat Centre.

Details coming soon...

NHR Organic Oils

Fully-bespoke e-commerce website for NHR Organic Oils.

A fully-bespoke e-commerce site capable of accomodating several different types of customer (bulk/trade/discounted etc) and adjusting pricing and delivery costs according to a detailed set of criteria. A QuickBooks interface was also created allowing orders and invoices to flow into NHR's accounts system.

Click here to see what Kolinka Zinovieff of NHR thought of working with knowHowe Ltd.

The Natural Store

Our largest and most functional e-commerce yet, The Natural Store has been a highly collaborative effort with the client over several months. The product range is lovely!

Features: content-management • fully bespoke e-commerce functionality

Savage Selection

Brochure and catalogue website for the Savage Selection.

Master of Wine Mark Savage presents the highly regarded and original collection of wines for sale in his Gloucestershire shop.

Site administrators at Savage Selection can log in and update the site and catalogue using the CMS.

Features: content-management • fully searchable online catalogue updateable by owners • mailing list signup • helpful 'get more information' feature • news item support

Mary Medlicott, Storyteller (Storyworks)

Mary Medlicott, Storyteller (Storyworks).

Design, Build, CMS and hosting. Banner design by Olwen Fowler. Like many of the recent sites below, this is a good example of a site which has flowered in the hands of the owners. knowHowe Ltd provides a templated CMS (along with support, modifications and help as required!) and allows you to concentrate on building the content - as you can see this can have wonderful results.

Interlake Homes

Interlake Homes.

Site build - design in collaboration with Rich Visuals

European Programme Management

European Programme Management.

Static site in two languages, based on client's design suggestions.

PEOPLE project

PEOPLE project.

Fully bespoke site with extensive project-tracking tools in members' area.

LA Cano UK - beautiful pre-Columbian jewellery

LA Cano UK - beautiful pre-Columbian jewellery.

Design, Build, CMS and hosting (logo provided by client). Mimimalist design allows the pieces (via excellent photography) to speak for themselves.

The Mount Inn at Stanton

The Mount Inn at Stanton.

Design, Build, CMS and hosting.

Power Interregional Programme (SEEDA)

Power Interregional Programme (SEEDA).

CMS-driven site with design drafts provided by client. The system currently enables collection/approval/search of project partners for this EU-funded programme, and in future phases will implement a bespoke reporting framework for the progress of implemented projects.

Hosting also provided.

Michal Levin

Site incorporating Shop and Blog for Michal Levin, internationally-acclaimed intuitive, mentor, coach and author.

The site hopes to draw attention to Michal's unique gifts through use of tranquil design, beautiful photography (supplied by Michal) and extracts from her audio works.

Oakfield Media

Oakfield Media.

Details coming soon...

Click here to see what Mike Beardall of Oakfield Media thought of working with knowHowe Ltd.

SMG Retail Business System

Login-controlled Retail Business System for SMG Group.

SMG are the largest and most progressive buying group in the UK carpet and furnishings industry. knowHowe Ltd provided SMG with a highly customised e-commerce-based system to streamline the often complex ordering processes which are central to its dealings with its members.

Please note that the system is not open to public use. Design provided mainly by SMG.

Click here to see what SMG Group thought of working with knowHowe Ltd.

Shulman Consuting

Design, programming and hosting for Larry Shulman - Shulman Consulting.

Features: site administrators can update page content (via Word-like CMS) • Flash-based slideshow on homepage • Pop-up device to display items on 'what we do' and 'who we work with' pages (also controlled by site admin) • Contact form

Medlicott.org/The Westminster Consortium

Website and hosting for Paul Medlicott/The Westminster Consortium.

Close collaboration with Paul produced a simple and attractive template; content is entirely controlled by Paul using the New Word-Style Content-Management System. Hosting was also provided along with assistance in domain transfer, email setup, etc.

Features: content-management


Provision of the Grow3C site for SEEDA, for whom we have provided several sites before (see below). The site is both a brochure and a project-management tool for this project focused on sustainable economic growth in five European countries.

Features: content-management • events calendar with sign-up forms • news items • login-controlled forum • downloads library (all controlled by site owners)

Global Gorillaz

website hosting, CSS design, programming and simple Flash animation on Global Gorillaz. Worth checking out for the 'baby crocodile' ringtone alone! (Not to mention some excellent photography.) The download galleries which are at the heart of the site can be updated by the owners without any knowledge of HTML.

Features: galleries of downloads and ringtones updatable by owners • animation

Esparto Greeting Cards

Provision of extensive back-end programming on Esparto Greeting Cards e-commerce site. Fully-featured e-commerce functionality with advanced Worldpay integration (having set up an account and Worldpay agreement, users can be sent pre-addressed cards which they just have to sign and post without any further intervention - no more forgotten occasions!).

Site design by Blue Planet Internet.

Features: fully bespoke e-commerce functionality • advanced Worldpay integration for pre-paid cards

Provision of hosting and site structure for Kiwanja.net - ICT solutions for conservation and development.

Content design was provided by the client - knowHowe provided hosting and scripting for the menu items, revolving logo and auto-scroll in IE. The design is framed but makes provision for search engine indexing.

Website design and hosting for HR consultancy Jo Dale Consulting Ltd.

  • clean design arrived at in close collaboration with the client
  • easily-updated 'news and links' section helps keep the site fresh and relevant
  • emailing list sign-up
  • 'send to a friend' function on homepage
  • simple 'Flash' movie draws attention to strapline words.
  • dropdown menu (Javascript)

EPO Online. Complete back-end programming for this busy Electronic Press Office, whose clients include national newspapers and entertainments publications. Provision of secure image library management system for site owners and fully-featured registration, image search and 'lightbox' image-download system for clients. Features include:
  • image upload and management (site owners)
  • news item maintenance with attachments
  • user registration and download stats
  • browse images by genre/production
  • keyword image search
  • 'lightbox' management tool - select images and download as a single ZIP
Note: this site was built from PhotoShop visuals supplied by the client.

Skill-Pill Mobile Learning

Skill-Pill Mobile Learning.

Bespoke CMS - design based on client mockups



Extensive (and minimalist!) customisation of CS-Cart ecommerce package.

Dear Mrs Herbert - Relationship Coach

Dear Mrs Herbert - Relationship Coach.

Bespoke CMS with Wordpress blog.

Hope Phones

Hope Phones.

Wordpress-based site.

Portobello WinterFest

Portobello WinterFest.

Website Design & Build (logo provided by client). A 'grungey' design for this urban winter festival.

AppLab at the Grameen Foundation Technology Center

AppLab at the Grameen Foundation Technology Center.

Design, Build, CMS. Like the site above, the site has been built almost entirely by the site owners, within a customised and flexible CMS framework - to excellent effect. The site has some interesting customisations, such as the pop-up 'phone' which demonstrates one of the text-messaging applications developed by AppLab.

The White Hart Pub, Henfield

The White Hart Pub, Henfield.

Design, Build, CMS & Hosting.

Aurora Ltd European Consultancy

Aurora Ltd European Consultancy.

Please note the design is a simple update of Aurora's previous design. A bespoke content management system (CMS) was installed, enabling Aurora to modify the structure, layout, and content of the site.

Hosting was also provided, along with support for the migration, and general consultancy.



Details coming soon...

Action for Russia's Children

Website for Action for Russia's Children.

Content-manageable brochure site for the charity ARC, who work with a range of projects helping children and young people in Moscow.


Website for Biosmile, a project which aims to strengthen and promote the competitiveness of North West Europe in the field of biotechnology.

Another project for regular clients SEEDA, the Biosmile site provides site administrators with a content-management enabling them to control text, images, event calendar, news items, etc. There is also a login-controlled area for partners.

Bonnie Baby

Website redesign and functional enhancements on Bonnie Baby.

Bonnie Baby is an established and successful company providing beautifully made luxury knitwear, t-shirts and accessories for newborns to two year olds. The website has been given an aesthetic overhaul, search engine optimisation (SEO) advice has been implemented, and a 'discount code' facility has been built into the checkout, enabling Bonnie Baby to reward loyal customers.

knowHowe Ltd was able to complete these enhancements within the existing e-commerce infrastructure of the site, keeping costs down.

City Women's Network

Site design, programming and hosting for the City Women's Network, one of the most established networks for senior executive, professional and business women in the United Kingdom.

Features: site administrators can update page content (via Word-like CMS), add events, listings, etc. • Login system allows access to member-only content and board-only content • Programming to facilitate the joining process, advertising of Trustee appointments, etc. • Calendar-based event planner for board members

Paula Rosa Matrix Generator

Provision of bespoke PC software for Paula Rosa Kitchens.

The application consolidates various input files from Paula Rosa's in-house systems, runs validation checks and aggregation operations on the data, and produces outputs which form part of the quotation given to a client - in Excel and paginated PDF format.

Lancea Partners Ltd

Design, programming and hosting for the Lancea Partners Ltd website.

Features: site administrators can update page content (via Word-like CMS) • drop-down menus to reflect site structure

Ipswich Labour Party

Design, programming and hosting for the Ipwich Labour Party website. A modular and cost-effective website giving control of content to the site administrators.

Features: site administrators can update page content (via Word-like CMS); news items; polls (control of questions, answers, colours etc); calendar of events. • mailing list signup

Recommended Buys

Further developments on the Windows software tool which publishes the RecommendedBuys family of websites (see previous portfolio entries).

The tool now publishes 3 localised versions of the site: www.recommendedbuys.co.uk (UK), www.recommendedbuys.com (US) & www.vraichoix.com (France). In creating the sites the tool reads data from partner sites, aggregating large amounts of data to provide a meaningful ranking of popular consumer products. As before an XML feed is used to display prices and provide links to buy online.

The number of pages which comprise the sites now number in the tens of thousands, so the publisher ZIPs the pages which it creates and unZIPs them on the server after upload.

Please note: Recommended Buys website design not provided by knowHowe Ltd - the publisher is a software tool which creates large-scale websites from HTML templates, Excel data and various other inputs.


Website design and programming for xDox eBusiness Consulting.

Site administrators can update all aspects of the site (general copy, products, solutions) using the Content-Management System (with NEW WYSIWYG interface - like using Word Processing software) and appropriate administration modules.

Features: content-management • site search function (full indexing support for PDF content) • support for 'featured products' • Flash and Javascript animation

Jasmines Florist

Website and hosting for Jasmines Florist, Henfield.

Features: simple 'brochure' site


Conference website for IDeA TV.

A cost-effective use of templated design, knowHowe Ltd was able to provide this site at short notice and with maximum responsiveness.

Features: content-management

HST Connect

Provision of 'One Stop Shop' website services (consultancy, design, build, hosting and training) to SEEDA to create the project website for HST Connect.

The site combines a fully-featured multi-lingual content-management system (enabling non-technical administrative users to control content of the public-facing site) with a login-controlled 'community' area where authorised users can securely exchange information about the project via bulletin boards, document stores, mailing lists, and more.

Features: content-management • login-controlled document store and members' area • bulk emailing

Further developments on a family of publishing tools which were begun in August 2003. HTML templates were supplied by the client and content is managed in a series of Excel spreadsheets.

The ever-increasing number of products and reviews which now appear on these sites (Recommended Buys, Recommended Buys USA) have made them a force to be reckoned with in the arena of search traffic redirection.

Provision of 'One Stop Shop' website services (consultancy, design, build, hosting and training) to SEEDA to create the project website for HST4i - High Speed Train Integration.

The site combines a fully-featured multi-lingual content-management system (enabling non-technical administrative users to control content of the public-facing site) with a login-controlled 'community' area where authorised users can securely exchange information about the project via bulletin boards, document stores, mailing lists, and more.

Theatrical Merchandising Support software for MS Merchandising.

Developed in collaboration with the client, who sells show-related merchandise in the foyers of theatres across Europe and the US, this software is based on a set of sophisticated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets enhanced with Visual Basic.

The software enables the capture of sales and stock information by the sales staff, which is then automatically consolidated back at HQ into management reports, aggregating information over various periods and supporting multiple currencies.

Remember: knowHowe Ltd can provide the programming expertise you need to add functionality to your website. As mentioned, friendly and attentive service is included!
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